Samsung Is Going To Pay Apple All Patent Infringement Damages, Finally!


Apple and Samsung have been fighting a legal battle over patent disputes for a long, long time. What started off as a simple patent dispute turned into something which gained momentum and media's attention a lot. But of course, Samsung and Apple have both lost mini fights in between with the Korean giant taking most of the damage. This in turn means that Samsung owes Cupertino a lot of cash in damages - $548,176,477 of it to be more precise.


Samsung Owes Apple $548,176,477 In Damages

That's right, Samsung owes Apple $548,176,477 in damages, and the transfer of money will be done before December 14th this year, just four months before the famed trial hits its fifth anniversary. Interestingly, this decision can be overturned even after the transfer of money has taken place, which means Apple will have to reimburse the portion of money, or all of it, if a judge overturns the decision.

Apple on the other hand is not so keen, and says that it "disputes Samsung's asserted rights to reimbursements." In other words, Apple wants to hit Samsung pretty hard and wants to make sure that none of the cash goes back to Samsung.

We do understand that companies should do all they can to protect their inventions, but at the end of the day it's the consumer that suffers the most. See, the thing is, the 'copy' factor will never ever go away, and other companies will keep on innovating no matter what, regardless of whether or not their product or service looks like their competitors.

We wish companies were more open when it came to patents and other intellectual properties, allowing others to benefit from their creations as well, rather than keeping everything to themselves. Of course, the aforementioned notion will only exist in the ideal world where competition is not even a thing. And since it is in the current world and scenario, therefore it makes more sense for companies to protect themselves in every way possible.

Samsung has been accused time and time again by Apple that it copies its products at every given moment. And while it's true in a lot of cases, but it's somewhat strange how Apple chooses to ignore other companies doing the same as well, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, who are known to blatantly rip off Cupertino's designs and color schemes.

Let's just hope that this whole patent drama hits a good dead end and we never ever see or hear from it ever again.