Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Can Now Be Purchased at a Very Attractive $400 Discount


Getting a notebook with decent hardware is always a difficult objective to achieve but with online retailers introducing their dedicated discounts, it is much easier to make a purchase swiftly. Samsung’s Notebook 7 Spin comes with a premium shell, touchscreen capability and a bunch of other ‘must-have’ hardware additions that will make your computing experience all the more enjoyable. Did we mention that you can also avail a $400 discount on it; here is how.

7th-Generation CPU and 12GB RAM Present in the Discounted Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Students Get a $100 Extra Discount

The Notebook 7 Spin is actually a hybrid and is armed with a capacitive touchscreen. Though it features a 15.6-inch display, users can convert the notebook into a tablet-computing product for media consumption purposes. It features an Intel Core i7-7500U processor paired with 12GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GTX 940MX GPU. The graphics processor will never be able to bulldoze through current-gen games at the highest settings, but you will get some entertainment out of the machine.

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There is not an option of an SSD-based notebook at the same discount, but you do get 1TB of traditional storage. The price of the notebook stands at $699 after applying the $300 discount, but if you’re a student, you can avail the chance of a very attractive $400 discount. First, you will have to apply for Student Deals if you wish to receive the $400 discount.

You will also have to provide proof that you are currently enrolled in an educational institute otherwise you will have to make do with the $300 discount at hand. At $599.99, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin sounds like a terrific deal after looking at the specifications and other details.

Normally, you will not find premium-made notebooks at this price point, so we suggest that if you require a decent-spec’d notebook purchase that comes accompanied with a massive discount, take advantage of this opportunity before the deal expires.

News Source: Best Buy