Your Next Samsung Smartphone Might Feature Near Invisible Controls

Samsung keeps raising the bar with each and every of its released handsets. With Galaxy Note 5 about to be released, the handset will feature an Exynos 7422 SoC coupled with 4 GB of LPDD4 RAM. The South Korean tech giant has also filed a patent application that was recently published recently by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. In short, this patent describes that the company’s future mobile devices will either have transparent or invisible buttons, which the company is referring to as sensor pads.

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The New Patent From Samsung Will Allow Users To Configure These Buttons In Any Way To Carry Out Different Tasks

According to patentlyapple, the new patent filed by Samsung will allow users to configure these buttons at their accord in order to fire up any application or complete a task that is considered most paramount to the user. For example, if the smartphone happens to be configured in portrait mode, then a simple tap of a button will allow users to change the camera button for selfie taking purposes.

In this way, individuals will not have to press just a single button (which we might add is not conveniently located to perform such tasks) and will be able to complete this task using their own configured buttons. This will be helpful to both right and left handed users. Additionally, since mobile gaming applications also have pre-configured buttons placed on the screen to perform a variety of functions, the new patent will allow users to set their own gaming controls for a comforting mobile gaming experience.

Samsung had filed the patent back in January 2015, and it just got published recently. Neither Samsung, nor the source has disclosed if this particular tech will be showing up in future smartphone or tablets, but since the company’s forte lies in making such handsets, we are confident that we will be looking at such features in future mobile devices.


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