Samsung Might Launch a Mid-Range Handset on October Bearing a Quadruple-Rear Camera Setup


In an unprecedented move, Samsung will reportedly unveil a new smartphone in the middle of October. The company sent out invites for the unveiling of a Galaxy smartphone on October 11 and the noteworthy element is a quadruple camera setup on the back.

The Device in Question Might Not Be the Galaxy A Series or the Upcoming Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Even though such a camera setup is something of a novelty right now, the news does not come as a surprise as past rumours had already pointed out that a manufacturer, which isn’t Huawei, is preparing a smartphone with four cameras on the back. The invite has now confirmed that the manufacturer in question was Samsung.

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Now that the choice has been narrowed down to the Korean manufacturer, it is hard to guess which Galaxy phone it would be. Samsung had recently claimed that it will first introduce its new features with its mid-range smartphones, so the upcoming Galaxy A series could be a contender, but we might have to rule that possibility out as the company’s Galaxy A series is usually launched around January or February.

Samsung is also going to announce a foldable smartphone this year, which would already be a trendsetter by the virtue of being bendable, so we could only imagine the boost it would get with four cameras at the rear side of the handset. Samsung has reportedly been testing out its in-display fingerprint scanner, so the device in question might have that as well.

There is also a possibility that the new smartphone would be launched under a new series called the Galaxy P lineup. Either way, it will be interesting to finally see a host of new features on a Samsung phone.

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While we were waiting for Samsung’s foldable smartphone with bated breath, the company has further piqued our interest with its latest invite and we can’t wait to find out more on October 11. However, the device might debut in Korea and therefore, it might not make it to the U.S.

Would you want to see a quadruple-rear camera smartphone from the company? Let us know down in the comments.

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News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)