Samsung To Take On Microsoft With Its Own Surface Product; Large Screen Tablets Inbound?


Samsung most likely knows by now that the globe is going to switch from bulky laptops to powerful tablets which feature impressive hardware configurations. In order to do this, the South Korean tech giant is gearing up to launch its own Surface clone that will take on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, a product which is expected to be officially announced very soon.

Samsung Might Be Launching Its 18.4 Inch Tablet That Will Go Head To Head Against Surface Pro 4, Even Though Its Specs Are Not That Impressive

Previously, we reported that Samsung was working on an 18.4 inch tablet, indicating that the tech firm was dead serious about targeting the market that was going to reduce the gap between laptops and productivity related tablets. However, the specifications are nowhere close to what Surface Pro 4 is going to house. After all, you simply cannot compare Samsung’s Exynos 7580 to the Skylake processors that are going to be present inside Microsoft’s flagship tablet.

Furthermore, Surface Pro 4 will have one crucial feature that Samsung’s large screen tablet might not be able to stack; having ample amounts of storage. Despite the fact that Surface Pro 4 is most likely going to be much more expensive compared to its larger screen sized rival, the one disadvantage that Samsung will have is that its large screen sized machine is going to be running Android, which is far less productive as compared to the Surface lineup and does not utilize system resources as efficiently as Windows.

However, before jumping to conclusions, Samsung can turn things around the limitations of the Android platform by bundling a detachable keyboard, along with a stylus that will be able to complete several functions (much like its Galaxy Note series of handsets). At this point, we are going to have to wait and see on how exactly is Samsung going to surprise us, because a product that you intend on using as a productive machine will keep you limited on the Android platform, so the company will have to tread carefully if it plans on facing off against Surface Pro 4.

We will keep you updated with the latest information as soon as we come across more details. Do you guys think that Samsung will be able to take on Surface Pro 4 with its own large screen tablet? Let us know your thoughts.