Samsung’s Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9+ Will Use 3-Stack Rear Cameras With FHD @ 480fps; Suggests Official Site Listing

With the end of January upon us, less than a month is left until Samsung launches its Galaxy S9/S9+ flagship smartphones. The Korean tech giant is having a good smartphone run. Samsung's edge to edge OLED display is the latest talk in tech town. Everyone's in a rush to get one, as it finally removes bezels completely from the equation. With the S9 pair, Samsung will add improvements to another critical aspect of a gadget's performance. Now, the company details a critical upgrade for its camera sensors. Take a look below for more details.

Information From Samsung's Site Provides Critical New Details For The S9 Lineup's Rear Cameras; A 3 Stack Camera With FHD @ 480fps Might Make It On The Lineup

This year, there's only one critical flagship aspect which Samsung needs to implement on its smartphones. The Korean tech giant skipped over a dual camera setup on the S8/S8+. Instead, it chose to launch the feature on mid-2017's Galaxy Note 7; a device that's received more attention than its smartphone counterparts over the years. Now, it's looking like the S lineup's camera will finally get the attention it deserves.

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Just a while back, an alleged retail box for the Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked. It showed impressive rear camera upgrades, with a variable aperture sensor being the most impressive. However, if today's information bears fruit, this will not be the lineup's only camera upgrade. With these, Samsung will truly upgrade the S9 lineup, even if their aesthetic bears complete resemblance with last year's smartphones.


These upgrades, will allow the S9 and S9+ to record FHD video at 480fps, a feat that isn't matched by many smartphones right now. The only company with market ready versions of the tech is Sony, but Samsung's solution can push its sensors ahead of the Japanese. Samsung will also improve Phase Detection on the smartphones. Combine these with a variable aperture on the S9, and we'll have strong flagship camera performance this year.

After all, the market seems to have slowed down on photography. It's all about bio-metrics at the moment, as Apple's appears to have miscalculated. If Synaptics improves virtual fingerprint recognition further than what's on Vivo's CES launch, then things will heat up. Already, Cupertino intends to stop producing the iPhone X later this year, as it prepares for upgrades. But right now, it's all about Samsung as the company looks to set this year's pace. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated. And let us know what you think in the comments section below.

News Source: Samsung

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