Samsung Internet 8.2 Brings Do Not Track and Faster Downloads


Contrary to popular belief, Samsung's in-house Samsung Internet browser is pretty good and serves as an excellent alternative for those who don't want to use Chrome for pressing ceremonial reasons. The browser received a new Reader mode, support for biometric authentication and ad-blockers. Now and then, Samsung will roll out some new features for the browser and today; they did just that via the latest beta build.

The beta includes the new Do Not Track mode, faster downloads from parallel downloading, Quick Access sync, and an updated Chromium engine. All of these updates to the web browser should mean you get a better and faster web browsing experience on any Android 5.0+ device.

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Downloads will now be broken into small chunks to help increase speed

The most significant improvement that the update brings is the new system for faster file downloads. The new system will split each download into smaller chunks in which it can download separately at the same time. The chunks will all be downloaded at the same time in parallel connections. It works only for larger files, though Samsung didn’t say what constitutes a large file. Samsung said that download speeds could be 15-40% faster depending on network availability and system configuration.

The new Do Not Track is under the privacy menu in the browser settings. Similar to its desktop counterpart, it sends a Do Not Track request to the website, so it doesn’t track your browsing habits. It is disabled by default, but you can enable it at any time in the browser’s settings. Another new feature is Quick Access Sync which allows for the quick access bookmarks saved and synced between devices using Smart Switch.

It is especially handy for people who switch devices often and who inadvertently end up using Samsung Smart Switch. Smart Switch is Samsung’s backup and restores software which also allows for you to transfer data between iOS and Android devices and it will now back up and transfer bookmarks as well

The Chromium engine behind Samsung Internet gets an update as well

Samsung Internet v7.X used Chromium M59 which has now been updated to Chromium M63 in Samsung Internet v8.X. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is running Chromium M63. The older Samsung Galaxy and Note phones should be getting an update to Samsung Internet v8.2 once it is officially launched. Chromium M63 adds a lot of under-the-hood features that will help web developers design their sites better. The browser isn't restricted to Samsung devices, and the beta version is available in the Play Store to anyone with an Android 5.0+ device.

News Source: XDA developers