Samsung Galaxy SII 2.3.4 update rolling out for users in Brazil and Poland

Aug 5, 2011

Samsung has just rolled out an update for its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy SII which will bump the Android version to 2.3.4 and enable video chatting on gTalk. It’s currently only for Galaxy SII users in Poland and Brazil so for now the rest of the world will have to wait for now. The XXKG5 and UHKG7 (baseband/firmware version) updates are available on Kies, so anyone interested in this update will have to download this software onto their PCs.

The 2.3.4 update for Galaxy S2 has certainly been quite patchy with only a select countries receiving it thus far. I suppose the only reason for it is Samsung’s atrocious history with regards to firmware upgrades and they’re taking extra precaution this time. After all, the last thing they’d want is screwing up sales for their flagship smartphone.