Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Undergoing Tests? Latest Report Suggests So

Ramish Zafar

With the buildup to CES and such, leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its edged variant have started to occur on a daily basis. Yesterday we received word that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be appearing on CES, though in a limited capacity. Later on we saw a device what seemed like the Samsung Galaxy S6 appear in a video and later on the final versions of the device's aluminum unibody metal frame also got leaked. Well, we've got more Samsung Galaxy S6 news for you today and this time looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been spotted in India, where the Korean giant usually sends its devices for testing purposes.

Galaxy-S6-Edge-in-ZaubaPotential Samsung Galaxy S6 Variant Spotted In Indian Import/Export Database - Device 'Similar To Galaxy Note 4'

A Samsung prototype originating from South Korea has been spotted at Zauba, the Indian Import/Export database. The device has been codenamed as the Samsung SM-G925F which is a variation of what the Samsung Galaxy S6's codename is thought to be. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to feature a codename SM-G920 so a variation in the last digits of the codename can be expected to be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The real question here is that is the variant spotted above the mystical 'Edge' variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6? The alteration in the codename as well as the description of the device being similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would definitely suggest so. But a similarity can be lots of things, including build quality, screen size etc. So don't get too excited just about now. Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, one thing's for sure. Samsung surely has the Galaxy S6 in the final stages of design and it should be with us pretty soon. Lets just hope the Snapdragon 810 does not end up facing any more production delays.

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