Samsung Galaxy S4 Panorama Photos – How to

Rafia Shaikh

A panorama photo stitches together a few shots taken in order to create one bigger shot of a wide view, street, landscape or any wide subject. Panorama photo looks like a single picture at the end, by neatly sticking a number of snapshots together. With Samsung Galaxy S4 camera, taking panorama shots becomes even easier.

How to take panorama shots with Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Starting with the very first step - open the camera app!
  • Once in camera, tap on the mode button, which sits right next to the shutter release button. The mode button looks like a camera inside an oval.
  • An array of modes will show up. Slide through the available modes until you reach the galaxy s4 panorama mode
  • When you select the panorama mode, a bar at the bottom of the screen will appear. Right in the middle of that bar there will be a blue box with flashing arrows on either side.
  • Tap on the camera shutter release button and then start moving in one direction; left OR right.
  • Once finished, tap the camera button again to end the shot taking process.
  • Camera app will then process the shot and save it to the camera roll.
  • That's it! 

Oh wait. That sounds too easy for a tutorial, eh? Let's go through some tips that would be good for you when taking Panorama shots from your amazing Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. It is essential to start framing your Panorama from the furthest point; either start from left and move to right or the other way around.
  2. It has also been agreed upon by many SGS4 users that one gets better panoramas when shooting in portrait mode. Though it takes longer then to shoot the panorama, but the result would make it worthy. Try both the ways and see what works for you.
  3. Try to constrain yourself by keeping the blue box in the bar. Although the camera app compensates a little but you can take far better and clean shots when keeping inside the lines.
  4. Best panoramas come with the horizon far in the distance; a scenery of fields or a shot of long patches.
  5. You can take warped panoramas by closing the camera to galaxy s4 panorama photos

Let us know how it goes with you. Also, share your exclusive tips of taking Samsung Galaxy S4 panorama photos with us!

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