Samsung Galaxy S4 Exclusive Features!

May 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one the most hyped Android smartphone of this season but still not all of its features are getting the limelight they deserve. This list will focus on some of the Samsung Galaxy S4 exclusive features that you might have overlooked while using your Galaxy S4. Share the worth of this incredible device!

  • Send pic/videos in emergency: Galaxy S4 has this exclusive feature to send pics and videos to pre-assigned numbers or email addresses from front and back camera when in emergency - very important feature in times of panic.
  • Slow video recording: useful feature for video creators. Go to Vamcorder and choose between the options: mms mode, slow mode, etc.
  • WiFi Direct: This feature lets you share all the stuff in your Galaxy S4 like pictures, videos and even share internet connection using the WiFi connection!
  • 20 language translation: S Translator can translate between more than 20 languages instantly! and it also has the capability to recognise text from pictures.
  • Wireless charging and game pad support!
  • TripAdviser: This app will make your travelling easy and convenient.
  • Audio: SGS4 has the Wolfson Audio for that ground Shaking effect.
  • S Health (complete package): diagnosis of common diseases, weighing body with help of accessories and sensors like Barometer, Thermometer, Pressure Detector etc using the Bluetooth, tracking your movement while walking/running with Walking Mate app and can also monitor your calorie consumption.
  • Group Play: Group Play is one of the Samsung Galaxy S4 exclusive features letting you use multiple phones as a multi-speaker setup. One song, 4 devices, cinema sound!
  • Sensor capabilities: Galaxy S 4 Sensor Capability
  • SideSync: Hookup your Samsung Galaxy S4 to a computer using the SideSync. The app essentially turns the phone into a second screen: move the mouse in one screen, use the computer keyboard to type on phone or even copy/paste the files between the two devices. Works seamlessly.
  • Adapt sound: Enjoy clear sound quality from tweaking with settings in the Settings > Sounds & Sound Effect - works incredibly.
  • Touch Assistant: In Settings My Device Accessibility Assistant Menu, to enable the S4's version of iOS Assistive Touch. Enables onscreen navigation menu and lets you use only screen without the hardware buttons.

Update: 3d Effect mode was written about in this post, which is not a feature included in the S4 - was in testing phase. So we are hoping, we might get it in some official updates? Fingers crossed!