Galaxy S10 Sees Outrageous Report As Samsung Starts HIAA Production

Ramish Zafar

With a handful of weeks left before 2018 is over, leaks and reports for the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup are taking place in full flow. Information for Samsung's next-generation flagship smartphones is painting a very bright picture. It looks as if the Korean tech giant is ready to upgrade every aspect of the Galaxy S lineup. Today we've got two reports, one of which is grounded in fact. The other, as you'll see, just might be far-fetched. Take a look below for all the details.

Wild Galaxy S10 Rumor Sounds More Fact Than Fiction As A Firm Claims Samsung Will Equip The Smartphone With 12GB Of RAM

Yes, you read that right. After the Wall Street Journal's report of a 'special' Galaxy S10 variant with four cameras and 5G support, we've got more big news for Samsung's upcoming smartphone lineup. This is courtesy of GF Securities, and the firm believes that Samsung will ship a Galaxy S10 variant with 12GB RAM.

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The report also goes on to claim that this smartphone will feature 1 TB of internal storage, effectively doubling what's present on the Galaxy Note 9. Considering both these specifications together, the claim for 12GB RAM is simply too far-fetched. It's an overkill, and Samsung is better off further streamlining the smartphones' software.

1 TB of storage will drive up costs and restrict this smartphone to users with the heaviest pockets. The hefty storage is likely for the highest-end S10, mentioned in the WSJ report. If it is, then Samsung will find it difficult to make the case for the Note 9's successor, as the Galaxy S10 will provide professional users with all the heavy duty specifications except for an S-Pen.


Samsung Commences Production For HIAA (Hall In Active Area) OLED Display Panels For The Galaxy S10

A major upgrade for the Galaxy S lineup expected next year is a brand new display. Samsung has developed new laser drilled displays which eliminate a notch and replace it with circular cutouts on the top left. As it turns out, it's harder to ensure that a display performs smoothly with a hole drilled into it, but now, the Korean press claims that Samsung has ironed out this kink.

Samsung has commenced production for the Galaxy S10's HIAA displays on its sixth-generation A3 production line. The displays are the first of their kind, and they will solidify Samsung's dominance in the display market. Of course, we're still doubtful for OLED (or AMOLED) to remain as the 'go-to' display technology for high-end smartphones, if micro-LED takes off in the future.

For Samsung's part, the company has managed HIAA production smoothly by utilizing existing, rather than new equipment. We're looking forward to the Galaxy A8s that's expected to launch next month, as the smartphone will feature Samsung's brand new display. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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