Samsung Galaxy S10+ Gets Its First Update

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The Galaxy S10 isn't due to hit the shelves for a few days, but that hasn't stopped Samsung from rolling out a software update for their 2019 flagship. Prima facie, it might seem like a last minute fix to add some of the advertised features, but that's ok as long as only a limited number of users have the device. It is incremental, at best, and brings forth the following changes:

  • The stability of Camera has been improved.
  • The performance of Fingerprint Recognition has been improved.
  • Added feature to set the application or function which runs when the Bixby key is pressed.

The update is rolling out globally to the handful of users who have it, with the exception of some based in North America. The update brings the much-awaited Bixby key remapping ability, something that users have been demanding for years.

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The camera app also gets the Instagram Mode that we saw on stage during the launch. The feature allows users to share photos and videos directly to Instagram or their Stories directly from the native camera app. We're not entirely sure what the "stability of the camera" part means, but it could likely be some minor QoL improvements to the devices' camera.

Finally, some fingerprint sensor improvements are baked into the update. After some mixed reports from the new ultrasonic sensor from early hands-on users, this is certainly welcome. The Galaxy S10 packs the world's first ever ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, so it may be a while before it performs as advertised.

It is unlikely that the contents of the update will be baked into retail Galaxy S10 devices upon release. Samsung has probably started shipping out the units en-masse so we can expect the changes to arrive via an OTA update.

News Source: sammobile

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