Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Feature ‘Bright Night’ Mode; It Could Produce Impressive Low-Light Images Like Google’s Night Sight

Omar Sohail
Samsung Galaxy S10

As impressive as smartphone cameras have become in snapping pictures and videos in broad daylight, they struggle when the sun settles and when it’s time to take low-light images. Samsung might nullify this to an extent with the launch of its upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup, as the Korean giant might introduce a Bright Night mode with its smartphone family. We’ll be talking more about what this particular mode could do, but it should be noted that it could function similar to Google’s Night Sight.

Galaxy S10 Camera Could Combine Multiple Images Into a Single Shot and Make It Significantly Brighter

Prowling around the stock Samsung camera APK that came with the latest Galaxy Note 9’s Android 9 Pie build, XDA developers found something interesting that could debut with the Galaxy S10 series. A new mode call Bright Night has been spotted, which could process low-light images to look brilliant. Other manufacturers have come up with different names for their dedicated low-light modes. Xiaomi calls is Night Scene, while Huawei calls it Night Mode, and OnePlus calls it Nightscape.

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What this mode does is take multiple pictures from your smartphone’s primary camera and combine them into a single image that looks drastically more detailed and is much brighter than your average low-light image. Also, the new image isn’t overexposed and thankfully will not need to rely on your device’s LED flash.

Samsung attempted to improve low-light shots with the introduction of the variable aperture feature on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. We don’t know if the feature will be retained with the Galaxy S10 but the company’s Bright Night mode should go a long way in significantly improving low-light photography. After all, one variant of the Galaxy S10 family has been rumored to feature a triple-camera setup at the back, so this upgrade should also come with software-based improvements to boost smartphone photography prowess.

The presence of improved sensors and the Exynos 9820 could also process that Bright Night image faster, producing the final picture much quicker than it does on existing devices. The Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus are reportedly going to launch during MWC 2019, and we’ll have all the details ready for you.

Until then, let us know what you think of the upcoming Bright Night mode down in the comments.

News Source: XDA Developers

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