Samsung Introducing A Brand New Smartphone Series Soon; Will Any Series Be Replaced?

Despite its long list of smartphone series, Samsung is clearly not happy with the amount of devices it is launching and plans to fix that through the release of its Galaxy O series of handsets. Even with the release of Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung wants to proliferate the amount of handsets that are being released each year.

Galaxy O Series From Samsung Will Most Likely Start With Galaxy O7 And Galaxy O5

According to a source, the very handsets that are going to be released from Samsung’s Galaxy O series are going to be Galaxy O7 and Galaxy O5. The will be recognized by featuring the following model names:

  • SM-G550: Galaxy O5
  • SM-G600: Galaxy O7

Apart from the model names, not much is known about these devices in regards to their hardware specifications. However, it is possible that the upcoming devices from the South Korean tech giant will most likely be incorporated with the company’s own chipset. With the level of performance that we witnessed from the firm’s Mongoose benchmark leak, it is possible that Galaxy O7 and Galaxy O5 will be incorporated with these chipsets, albeit they will feature lesser performing variants of the company’s own developed SoC.

As for the release date, the source was unable to mention this particular detail, but we believe that these upcoming devices are going to be showcased during an undisclosed period in 2016. After Samsung announces them, there will be a total of 6 smartphone series from the company. They will be as follows:

  • Galaxy J
  • Galaxy E
  • Galaxy A
  • Galaxy O
  • Galaxy S
  • Galaxy Note

Why is Samsung rolling out more series is beyond our comprehension, but we believe that Samsung will have its own reason for doing so. We will have more details as soon as they are available.


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