Galaxy Note 9 Will Retail At $1159 – Leaked Poster Casts Doubt On S-Pen Upgrade


After a brief pause, once again more details for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have come to light today. Samsung will launch the flagship in less than a month, on the 9th of August. While taking it easy on the aesthetics, the Korean tech giant will nevertheless introduce several upgrades on the phablet.

The biggest of these will relate to its rear camera and S-Pen. Samsung made some big changes on the S9 lineup as both the devices are the first of their kind to feature variable aperture rear cameras. The company is expected to introduce this feature on the Galaxy Note 9 and expand the role of the S-Pen. Take a look below for more details.

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Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Poster Displays Device's New S-Pen And Zero Design Upgrades Over Its Predecessor On The Bottom Chassis

If there's one thing that can be said with certainty for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it's that Samsung will once again take the lazy approach on the gadget. We're expecting the bare minimum external changes on the device, save for this that are necessitated either due to a usage issue or hardware constraints. Two such changes on the Galaxy Note 9 are a horizontal rear camera setup with the fingerprint sensor placed under it.

Speaking of changes, one big upgrade for the Galaxy Note 9 will involve its S-Pen. While we've heard rumors of a stylus upgrade prior to nearly every Note launch, this time reports are a bit more specific. It's expected that the S-Pen will receive several upgrades that will allow it to control the Galaxy Note 9's functions and aid business users.

These rumored upgrades include a built-in laser pointer, controls for music, controls for the camera, Bluetooth support, among other features. However, what's interesting is that if you take a look at the image below, the S-Pen in it is not significantly different aesthetically than what's found on the Galaxy Note 8. Which leaves us with three possibilities. Either the image is fake, or Samsung has managed to remarkably fit all these features inside the current S-Pen's chassis or that all the rumors for an upgrade are false.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Release On August 24th And Cost Around $1,158 Reveals Polish Employee And Retail Store

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will retail at PLN 4,299 in Poland. This translates to around $1,158 USD. The device will release on August 24th in the country, so expect the US release to take place before or on the same date. The pricing information comes courtesy of a company employee's information of a training meeting conducted at the company's headquarters in Warsaw.

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The pricing information is also corroborated by a retail outlet, so the odds of it being accurate are quite high. Therefore, you should expect the Galaxy Note 9 to cost around $1000 at the time of its launch in the US. Which is concerning when we consider the aforementioned possibilities stemming from the poster leak.

Which is to say, if Samsung really does upgrade the S-Pen then it's all good. The company will be forgiven for its lazy aesthetics since a stylus that doubles as a controller will prove a major change. However, should Samsung pay only cursory attention to the S-Pen, then mere camera upgrades will not justify this price point. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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