Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X is an AI-Powered Photo Editing App

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X is an AI-Powered Photo Editing App
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Samsung is no stranger to delivering apps that are great for photography and it has been happening for some time now. We have the amazing Expert RAW and Samsung's stock gallery app is also great when you are talking about good photo editing tools. However, the South Korean tech giant wants to take things further with the Galaxy Enhance-X, an AI-powered photo editing app that should be handy for those who want to make things even better.

Samsung Brings AI-Driven Photo Editing Techniques with Galaxy Enhance-X

The company has gone ahead and quietly launched a new photography/photo editing app called the Galaxy Enhance-X. According to the Galaxy Store listing, the app uses "AI-based techniques" to offer a number of editing features with just a single touch.

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You can check out the screenshot below to see what it is capable of.

For those wondering, the Galaxy Enhance-X allows you to remove blur as well as reflections. There is also resolution upscaling, sharpening, brightening a low-light image, and offering a better HDR effect, as well. The app can even get rid of moire patterns like the ones that you see when you are taking a photo of something on a TV or any other screen. Thankfully, the edited shot and the original one are saved after you make the changes, so if you do not like what's done to the picture, you can always use the original image.

In order to run Galaxy Enhance-X, you will need Android 10. It is currently listed on the Galaxy Store but not all regions have access to it. If you still want to use it, you can always go ahead and sideload it from here.

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