Samsung Galaxy S 4 (SGS 4) To Be Made Available In April 2013?


Are you also of the opinion that Samsung Galaxy S III is the best Android phone ever to hit the market? In case you have this opinion, then maybe it is time to change it for good. Past couple of weeks has been intense for technology early adopters and Samsung fans since a Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) was being rumored valiantly. Apparently many technology enthusiasts uncovered a GT-i9400 term.

This discovery started the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor mill and as of now, SamMobile – A blog dedicated to Samsung news and reviews – has learned about Project J.


The Project J is an internal term and refers to the next generation of Galaxy S devices with Galaxy S IV ( SGS 4) being speculated to enthrall in April next year. According to various Samsung Galaxy S 4 rumors, it is evident that minimum specification of the Galaxy S IV might include an HD AMOLED display, along with a quad core processor being complemented with 2 GB RAM and 5.0 screen size. It is also apparent that SGS 4 is set to make its debut with Android 4.2 Jellybean on board. Under the project J, we might also witness some new Galaxy Note variants hitting the market alongside the Galaxy S 4 with ramped up CPUs and varying screen sizes.

If these specs and related stuff stands true for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G ( GT-i9400), then this Android handset is going to rule the hearts of Android fans, developer and modding community for a long time. According to a recent report at GSMArena, it is also probable that Samsung might unveil this giant of an Android phone in 2012 CES taking place in February.

GSMArena also adds some insight into the processer empowering the Samsung Galaxy S IV (SGS 4). According to them, the phone might carry Exynos 5450 chipset, will be Quad-core and most important; will make other Android handsets / devices look outdated in front of it.

The bottom line is that this phone will be one hell of an Android device that everyone would like to pocket. We have done our part and wrapped up all the rumors being circulated. To accept them or to think otherwise; we’ll leave that on your personal discretion.

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