Samsung’s The Frame TV Is Down to Just $479.99! Limited Stock

Samsung's "The Frame" TV is no longer limited to the homes of celebs as the company offers small discounts on this line-up every few months. But, we haven't spotted any solid discounts on the base 32-inch variant, which is now available for just $479.99, making all of your TV-or-art Instagram dreams come true!

Samsung Frame TV promises to be a decor investment for your living room that isn't just a high-end TV but also seamlessly blends in with the background along with working as a frame for some beautiful work of art. DIY sections of Pinterest and Instagram are full of either people flaunting their Samsung Frame TV or wishing to be able to upgrade to it. But now's the time to stop dreaming and start buying!

Get Frame 32-inch TV for $479.99

samsung frame tv

Discounts are live on some of the other variants, as well, but honestly, we saw better offers on these variants during Black Friday. However, the 32-inch version rarely, if ever, gets discounted, which makes it a must-buy right now.

Samsung offers free shipping with easy returns. The company also offers financing options at 0% APR. More details on that here.

Head over to this link for more product details and get the 32-inch Frame TV at an unbelievable price. These models don't last long on these discounts, so be sure to buy it while it's in stock and on a discount. You can also add a Customizable Bezel (7 options) for $50 (originally: $99).

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