Rumor Pits Two Samsung Phones With Foldable Displays Incoming, First One in 2017


Galaxy S8 might be given a huge makeover as far as its design is concerned, but the latest rumor surrounding the company’s foldable display handsets marks the first time Samsung is going to make an announcement related to this and it is going to happen much sooner than you can possibly imagine.

Report Suggests Two Foldable Display Smartphones Incoming – The First One Is Going to Be Announced in 2017

CES 2017 is just around the corner with a long list of surprises up its sleeve. We don’t believe that Samsung is going to debut its ‘Project Valley’ foldable display smartphones at MWC 2017 because that platform might have been secured for the Galaxy S8 announcement, although a different report suggests that the flagship could be unveiled during the month of April. One of the two foldable display smartphones is going to be unveiled next year and will join the ranks of the most interesting handsets on the planet, with the first one being the Mi Mix.

According to previous rumors, the foldable display device could have a panel flexible enough to fold into a book. The report claims that the new foldable smartphone will be a dual-screen affair and might also feature a hinge to help obtain its ‘book like’ form factor. At this point, the hardware specification details are scarce to none, although I am under the impression that Samsung will be using its own SoC to complement the smartphone that it took so long to roll out.

As stated before, details about Project Valley are extremely slim at this point, but at least we have come closer to Samsung’s intentions regarding the number of devices it will release in the near future. We don’t believe the company is going to focus too much on this concept because just like how the public wasn’t ready for the G5’s semi-modular functionality, the same way the market might not embrace this huge change in mobile devices.

What other changes do you think will be introduced in Samsung’s upcoming foldable display smartphone? Tell us your thoughts right away.