Samsung expected to roll out foldable smartphones by 2016

After Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge, South Korean phone giant Samsung is planning a new generation of smartphones that can be folded. The company hit back hard after suffering from a financial drought in 2014, where the company reported an operating profit loss of 60 percent for Q4, 2014. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 lineup, the tech giant put an end to negative criticism and has now set its sights on the future.

Samsung’s foldable smartphones to be released by 2016

Currently, Samsung Display and LG Display both hold a 50 percent market share in displays, making the firms the two top leading companies in this particular niche. No doubt, both smartphone giants would want to continue their winning streak for as long possible. In order to be able to do that, these firms will need to come up with new, innovative display technologies providing unprecedented display quality, in order to woo consumers in 2016 and beyond.

Curved and bent displays are going to be start of many such new display technologies, in the near future. As for Samsung’s next act, foldable smartphones are expected to be next in line. Samsung’s R&D section has been testing foldable display tech for quite some time now, and evidence to this was when the firm showcased its first ever foldable display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014. An official from Samsung Display stated that:

“The industry believes that the commercialization of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016.”

It is expected that the only real competition that Samsung will be facing in this niche, will be from long-term rival, LG. LG has garnered considerable amount of success in 2014, thanks to the release of its G3 smartphone. The company shipped out approximately 59.6 million smartphone units and plans to replicate that success with the release of the G4.

While information from various sources have shown that both tech companies are working on rolling out foldable smartphones in the distant future, currently, there is no technical explanation as to how they will set their plan in motion. A smartphone might possess a foldable screen, but how exactly will that allow future smartphone users to bend something as rigid as the handset’s internal components? We are looking forward to having these questions answered, once both Samsung and LG draw nearer to releasing their foldable smartphones.

Image source: Techradar

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