Samsung Reportedly Developing Foldable Displays for Google With a 7.6-inch Screen


New information claims that Samsung is developing foldable panels for a lot of phone makers, and this includes Google too. While there’s little information surrounding the advertising giant’s new phone, the latest report provides fresh insight regarding the company’s possible plans.

Samsung Also Developing Foldable Displays for Other Phone Manufacturers Like Xiaomi, OPPO, and More

Alongside developing its own foldable smartphones, companies like Google are reportedly relying on Samsung to provide them with foldable panels. According to the report from The Elec, the panel will measure 7.6 inches diagonally. This may indicate that Google is working on a clamshell design similar to what Apple is rumored to be developing. Unfortunately, we believe it won’t provide as much utility as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, where you can increase your existing screen real estate by more than two-fold.

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Google may be working on the same clamshell design as Apple because this form factor has less propensity to break down compared to a device that folds and unfolds like a book. Assuming Google decides to release a foldable flagship similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it may not bode well with customers in terms of pricing, so increasing volume for the technology giant may be of top priority giving its poor ranking in the smartphone market.

One thing that we should take from this report is just because Samsung is supplying Google with foldable panels doesn’t mean we’ll see a foldable Pixel in the near, or distant future. It’s simply the company doing some tests and monitoring how customers view this market. So far, Samsung shipped a measly 2.8 million foldable smartphones in 2020, making it the leader in this segment, but that figure pales in comparison to how many regular phones it shipped in the same year.

Simply stated, foldable smartphones will need some years to pick up steam, so don’t bet on Google releasing a different Pixel this year or 2022. Like always, we’ll keep you updated on the latest, so stay tuned.

News Source: The Elec