Samsung delays ICS update for Bell Galaxy Note

Ammar Malik
Apr 8, 2012

I have started to loose track of which phone Samsung is delaying updates for and which it’s recalling updates for. It certainly is a frustrating time if you’re an owner of a Samsung smartphone, particularly Samsung’s latest and greatest, the Galaxy Note on Bell. The original proposed date for Ice Cream Sandwich update was Q2 2012, April to be more precise. That’s a good half a year after Google made Ice Cream Sandwich official.

Now according to the latest news, the update has been pushed back to May 2012. And by May it means it’ll be a good month or two after that before everyone on Bell gets this update. Samsung has already promised a premium suite of apps with this update as a gesture of goodwill, though I’m not sure if that helps in anyway. If you’re really impatient you can always root, but for the rest it’s a patient wait till May.