Samsung Could Increase Galaxy S22 Production to Meet Demand


The chip shortage is a slippery slope for every tech company around the world and regardless of the size and scale of Samsung, the South Korean has to go through the same. WIth the chip shortage being an ongoing problem, it could be hard for Samsung to keep up with the demand for the Galaxy S22 series that was revealed last night.

Samsung Has Really High Hopes for the Galaxy S22 Series

Now, a report from The Elec suggests that Samsung is working on increasing the production of the Galaxy S22 devices by 20%. This means that the company will produce over 30 million smartphones, 12 million of the units will go to the base variant, 8 million units of the plus variant, and 10 million units of the Ultra variant.

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Looking at these numbers, it is safe to say that Samsung is anticipating the Galaxy S22 to sell well. However, we are still not sure if Samsung will be able to sell 30 million units of the trio. While the S22 and the Plus variant do offer significant upgrades over the predecessors in terms of the internals, the design largely remains unchanged.

However, according to our poll, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the clear winner, and while it does cost a steep $1,1199. The phone is clearly a powerhouse and for anyone who is looking to sate the itch of having the Galaxy Note experience back, this is the phone that you should be going for.

Whatever the case might be, we still have a long way to go before we are able to see if Samsung's plan with the Galaxy S22 series worked or not. For now, I am just excited about getting my hands on the Galaxy S22 Ultra as soon as the phone hits the shelves.

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