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Samsung’s Chromebook Plus Finally Available for Pre-Order – More Powerful Version to Come Out Later


Though you will still have to wait for the Chromebook Pro, Samsung’s latest and possibly one of the greatest Chromebooks, the Chromebook Plus is available for pre-order, giving you a taste of what’s in store when you purchase a premium notebook like this intended to tackle adequate tasks as well as run Android apps.

Samsung’s Chromebook Plus Comes Running a Six-Core ARM and Has a Crisp Resolution to Go Along With Its Premium Build

Chromebooks’ high level of affordability often stems from the fact that they do not feature a great build, but with the Chromebook Plus, it’s a completely different story altogether. The notebook can function like your everyday notebook and its impressive hinge design can also help you convert the machine into a 2-in-1. Though the screen size and the bulk might not seem attractive enough to transform the Chromebook into a 2-in-1, it is still present there nonetheless, giving future consumers an option rather than a compromise.

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The resolution measures at 2400 x 1600, giving it a crispy result and the product is currently available at the following retailers should you wish to receive it at a later period:

The perks of owning the Chromebook Plus is that you get a stylus and the machine is able to run Android apps, thus giving users more functionality than they would have ever experienced on a previous Chromebook. The device receives juice from a single Type-C USB port and has another Type-C USB port for plugging in peripherals. Aside from that, you get 4GB of RAM coupled with 32GB of native storage, which is expected since this is a Chromebook after all. The processing power comes from a hexa-core processor present inside the OP1 SoC and features two Cortex-A72 cores coupled with two Cortex-A53 ones.

If you ever get low on storage, there’s always a MicroSD card available for expansion purposes, but honestly, we were expecting from the internal memory department. If you’re ready to pre-order the Chromebook Plus, then you can click on any one of the aforementioned links. However, if you want more processing power, then you can save more money and wait for the Core M-powered (Intel 6Y30) Chromebook Pro.