Samsung Announces the Q950TS 8K QLED TV at CES!


Samsung has just announced its flagship Q950TS 8K QLED TV at CES 2020 which sports a virtually bezel-less design, allowing for the excellent overall aesthetics and image quality. Another feature of this QLED 8K TV is that it comes pre-packaged with is Samsung's AI Quantum chip which upscales the image being displayed on the monitor to 8K resolution, offering much higher quality.

Samsung Announces its flagship Q950TS 8K QLED TV With 8K Upscaling AI Quantum Chip & A Truly Bezel-Less Design

This new flagship QLED TV also sports Samsung's new Infinity Screen that, according to this post made on Samsung Newsroom website, will have 99% of the front side being taken up by the screen itself, offering a truly bezel-less design which looks spectacular.

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The features of this monitor look amazing, the AI, which allows for amazing upscaling thanks to the AI quantum processor with deep learning would deliver for sharper and much more richer IQ. This AI allows for the fantastic image quality, and the AI also has a hand in offering high-quality sound. The 'OTS+ (Object Tracking Sound Plus)' is a technology that can track moving objects on the screen and focuses sound to be directed at them using the 5.1 channel speakers which come with the TV.

Another fantastic feature that this monitor offers is called 'Adaptive Picture' which allows the TV to be able to react to the environment around it, changing both, the brightness and the contrast to get the best viewing experience possible. This makes having to either adjust the settings or close the blinds, potentially a thing of the past!

Since this is a smart TV, and AI seems to be the name of the game, Samsung has a feature called the 'Digital Butler' which allows this TV to not only recognize and control devices connected from either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but also potentially older devices that are not connected to the internet as well. Another feature is the 'TV Plus', which are 120+ global channels that Samsung Smart TV users can watch for free this year, offering fields such as news and movies!

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Samsung Electronics has redesigned the user interface of the Universal Guide, and this is shown by how the Universal Guide recommends the streaming content in various apps at a simple glance, which makes it much easier to choose the content.

Samsung has decided to add some extra features like 'Multi-View'; this allows for multitasking while watching TV, similar to current Ultrawide monitor Picture-by-Picture or Picture-in-Picture. Samsung hasn't announced the price or availability yet but we will update you once we receive more info on the Q950TS.