Samsung Announces iOS Support For Gear S3, Gear S2 And Gear Fit2 Wearables


Samsung today made an important announcement that might interest users possessing a Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit2 wearable. Henceforth, users with the company's latest Gear-branded wearables will be able to pair it with an iPhone. The procedure is made possible all thanks to the new accompanying apps. Let's see some more details on Samsung's wearable support for iOS.

Samsung Finally Adds iOS Support For Its Gear S2, Gear S3 And Gear Fit2

Samsung's wearables are not powered by Android Wear, instead the company uses its own Tizen, which can be used alongside the accompanying iOS apps. Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 requires your iPhone to have the Gear S app, while the Fit2 requires the Fit app. The latter is not  yet live on the App Store, but we expect it will be available shortly.

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Gear S

Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store, the app will guide you through the pairing process. The process would be pretty much similar to what we're used to with an Android device. In addition to this, the company notes that the features of the app will differ from one device to the other. However, the Gear S along with Gear Fit app are both available for the iPhone 5 and newer devices.

Gear S

As for what features does the wearables support for iOS, the Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit2 are all able to track fitness through measuring calories burned, heart rate, running pace, route traveled and distance. The Gear-branded wearable support for iOS is not anything new, but something that we were expecting for a long time. Initially, the company announced the Gear S3 support for iOS back in August of last year.

Gear S

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It is available in two bold models – the Gear S3 frontier, which takes inspiration from the active explorer with a rugged design, as well as the Gear S3 classic, featuring an elegant style with the balance found on luxury timepieces.

The latest from the company, Gear S3 is a round smartwatch with IP68 water and dust resistance. Other than this, the smartwatch also supports features like GPS and cellular connectivity and comes in two models, Classic and Frontier. If you're interested, the Gear S app is available on the App Store for free, so be sure to try it out.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Samsung adding Gear-branded support for iOS? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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