Samsung’s 65W Charger Gets Certified – Supports Lower Wattages, Likely to Accommodate Galaxy S22’s Adaptive Charging


Earlier this month, there was a rumor doing the rounds that Samsung was testing 65W charging support for all Galaxy S22 models. This would be viewed as a massive upgrade over the Galaxy S21 series, which only top out at 25W, but then again, Samsung likely limited this to prevent unnecessary degradation of the battery due to higher wattage. Fortunately, the Korean giant might introduce this new charging tech in a fashion that does not reduce the overall battery capacity in such a short time. As it so happens, that 65W charger recently received certification.

Latest Certification Reveals Samsung’s 65W Charger Supports Wattages as Low as 15W

A recent documentation from the Danish UL (Demko) organization shows the certification of an unreleased Samsung 65W charger. The charger’s model number is EP-TA865, and it supports the USB PD and PPS standards. While that is nothing out of the ordinary, it also looks like the power brick supports multiple wattages such as 15W, 45W, and 65W. This suggests that the upcoming Galaxy S22 series may support smart adaptive charging to prolong battery life.

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This is how it might work. When you plug in any Galaxy S22 model to the 65W charger, depending on the existing battery life of the smartphone, it will supply a hefty supply of power, likely going up to 65 watts until the capacity reaches 50 percent. After that, the Galaxy S22’s battery will probably get topped up at a slower rate, thereby alleviating the harmful effects of fast charging.

However, nowhere does the UL certification mention that this 65W charger is compatible with all Galaxy S22 models, so unless it is mentioned in fine print by Samsung, you should not immediately get excited for this. Fortunately, it will not take a whole lot of time for Samsung to unveil its newest flagship smartphone family, so exercise a little patience, and we will have more updates for you in due time.

Also, keep in mind that if the Galaxy S22 lineup supports 65W charging, it is unlikely that this power brick will be bundled with your smartphone purchase.

News Source: MyDrivers