Samsung Reportedly Looking to Spend a Ton of Money Acquiring AI-Related Firms


We’ve known about Samsung’s desire to use a different virtual assistant in its Galaxy S8 to rival the capabilities of Siri running on various different iPhones. In fact, lots of different phone manufacturers are aiming to increase smartphone sales by adding these new features in their devices, but it looks like the Korean giant is looking to run 10 extra miles to ensure that its competition is left behind. With a large cash stockpile, a new report states that Samsung is looking to spend a lot of money in acquiring companies that are working on artificial intelligence.

Latest Report Suggests That Samsung Might Be Looking to Spend $1 billion Acquiring Companies Working on Artificial Intelligence

Even after the acquisition of Viv Labs to start working on its own flavor of artificial intelligence for its high-end phones, Samsung isn’t looking to be stopped there, according to a new report from The Investor.

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A Samsung Electronics official who hasn’t been named states that the company is looking to spend at least $1 billion USD to acquire AI tech companies. Keep in mind that because smartphones are a part of the company’s primary revenue stream, the first thought that struck us was that the company would be improving Bixby in the future through regular updates and that can only happen through various acquisitions.

However, Bixby isn’t just going to be running in smartphones because the virtual assistant is said to branch out to other products ranging from tablets, smart TVs and eventually appliances. By acquiring several tech companies who have been working on AI, the company can further improve its virtual assistant and allow users to enable the assistant for dedicated products.

What this means is that Bixby could have dedicated functions depending upon which product it is running in. So far, the only news we have heard about is that it is going to running inside both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus so let us see how users will experience the first ever virtual assistant from Samsung. You should be aware that you cannot expect this new feature to work flawlessly out of the box. It will definitely take improvements that will happen overtime.