Ryan Petrich Released Betas With Preliminary iOS 10 Support For Activator, FlipSwitch And More


While iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is still young and a work-in-progress, it's not stopping users from possessing the status. Moreover, developers have also begun adding support for their jailbreak tweaks to the latest version iOS 10. The latest to the list is Ryan Petrich, who has added preliminary iOS 10 support for Activator, FlipSwitch and FlipControlCenter in the form of a new beta update. Let's see some more details on the subject and what users should look out for.

Activator, FlipSwitch And FlipControlCenter Beta Update Adds iOS 10 Support

Even though FlipControlCenter might not have left its mark, Activator and FlipSwitch are one of the essentials in the jailbreak community. Henceforth, adding iOS 10 support is somewhat of an exciting news for jailbreak users. However, there are certain considerations that users must know before you head on to update the jailbreak tweaks.

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If you're considering to update Activator, you should know that not all of the available features will work as they are intended to. As Petrich notes, only a handful of features will work since only basic iOS 10 support has been added. This means that only basic functionality will be available to users. Some extension features have been disabled due to safety reasons.

FlipSwitch and FlipControlCenter feature full iOS 10 support. Moreover, the developer has also added a new primary color API that would interest several jailbreak developers. The API will match the updated look of the Control Center of iOS 10. If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, the updated tweaks are available from Ryan Petrich's beta repository.

If you haven't added the repository to Cydia yet, here's what to do. Launch Cydia and then head to the Source tab. Once you do that, tap on the Edit button and then tap on Add button. In the field that appears,  add the following repository URL:


Now tap on Add Source button and then wait for a while until Cydia loads the repository. Once the beta repository is added, you should see the following updated versions of the following:

  • FlipControlCenter 1.0.4~beta1 or later
  • Activator 1.9.11~beta3 or later
  • FlipSwitch 1.0.15~beta1 or later

One thing that all users looking to jailbreak their device on iOS 10.1.1 should know that the jailbreak is still in a testing phase and it is oriented towards developers. Users should wait for a more stable build of jailbreak.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Activator, FlipSwitch and FlipControlCenter betas with iOS 10 support. Share your thoughts in the comments.