RUMOR: Resident Evil Game to be Announced at E3, NOT RE7

Rizwan Anwer

Capcom seems to have had some trials and tribulations when experimenting with a project like Resident Evil 6, while the multiple story of three favorite characters in the Resident Evil Universe were more than welcome, what ruined the experience was the poor story delivery. While a few months earlier Resident Evil: Revelations had made its way on to the 3DS making a different kind of noise that struck all the right chords with fans of the series. Latest rumors from two credible Resident Evil related sources have come out to say that the upcoming announcement of a Resident Evil game at this years E3 will most likely be a Resident Evil: Revelations-esque game and NOT Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 6 left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. After the tremendous success of 4 and the abysmal job of 5, 6 was practically the downfall of the series. Resident Evil: Revelations was however recognized as the ignored child of the family and eventually given the proper attention it deserved after being on the 3DS for the span of a few years until it eventually got ported to consoles. Sources over at capcom-unity forums and biohazardfrance have come and told us the following rumors.

RUMOR: Resident Evil Game to be Announced at E3, NOT RE7. If true, this could be a game changer!


The credibility of the above 4 images is given by Xpliskin of NeoGaf:

Credibility: you could say he's an insider in the "RE universe". Even conducts interviews with previous Japanese RE staff. And he always strives to be factually 100% correct.

Meanwhile, over at Biohazard france: (Translations taken from Xpliskin again)

Translates to, iirc: "It (the reveal) is for soon yes, but I never said it'll be Resident Evil 7"
Translates to, iirc : "One thing is for sure, fans will scrutinize their screens during coming days and weeks and this is where the REVELATION will unfold "

and once again the credibility:

Very old and reliable source of "behind the scenes" RE information. They also conduct interviews with previous RE staff. Hunk is the webmaster.

As you can see, there are a lot speculations that the next Resident Evil game will definitely be similar to Resident Evil: Revelations. Whether or not the rumor holds any water is yet to be determined but if the credibility has indeed proven itself time and again then there shouldn't be any reason to question their credibility if they have been right several times and have constantly interviewed prominent people in the series. I just hope that the next Resident Game that comes out is just as good as Revelations if not better.

While admittedly the people who are giving us this information are indeed very credible I would still advise taking this news with some grains of salt, you never want to get your hope too high, now do you? If the game that is being talked about in the rumors is anything like the final game we will be getting then I for one am definitely going to jump on the day one bandwagon especially if they are bringing back the classic characters.

What do you guys think? I personally hope that the rumors are true and that we get something like Revelations.

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