Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Now Renamed to Final Fantasy XV?


Final Fantasy XIII is among one of the more highly anticipated titles in the Final Fantasy Series, after being announced years ago and occasionally making head lines with updates regarding the project it seems that some video proof has shown up suggesting that the game is getting a rename to Final Fantasy XV instead of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and also the game is now Headed to the Wii-U and the PlayStation 3 (oddly enough there was no mention of the XBOX 360 version but this is still a rumor so many it will come up?)

A Fan Made Box Art, Don't get too excited.

It looks like the wait for FInal Fantasy Versus XII or should I now call it Final Fantasy XV is nearly over. What appears to be a private screening shows the protagonist of Versus XIII getting off his chair and preparing to strike back a hundred fold after which the new logo appears for confirmation, but since this may or may not be true I am hence treating this as a rumor until an official name change is revealed at this years E3 hopefully along with the release date.

While the video does look pretty real and has a pretty slim chance of being fake I am still going to hold my horses and wait for an official word from Square Enix at E3.

The game is now scheduled to release with the Wii-U which isn't much of a surprise but what is surprising is the lack of mention of an XBOX 360 version even though it was rumored that the console might be getting the game too but for now it appears that the PS3 version and now the Wii-U version are officially on board. Now if only the game gets a proper release date and follows through it fans can finally stop holding their breaths and see if all these years of waiting was worth all of the trouble behind this game.