RUMOR: CBOAT Suggests Guardians of The Galaxy in Halo?

CBOAT has done a Dark Knight - Dark Knight Rises only moments ago when after being dormant for many months the notorious and linguistically impaired (yes I know he types like that on purpose) leaker of the gaming industry deciding to drop in to the official Halo 4 thread over at Neogaf and post a rather obscure image.

CBOAT Suggests Guardians of The Galaxy in Halo? Can we expect Mario in the next God of War too?

The image is pretty confusing and might perplex, you might be asking yourself about why the picture below is linked in a Halo 4 thread over at Neogaf?

haloIf you are curious, the listing of heroes from Left to right is

Drax the Destroyer (guy holding a blade backwards), Star Lord (Dual Wielding the guns), Rocket Racoon next to Star Lord, Iron Man and to the very right we have Gamora. (if anyone knows the name of the Ent in the background, please leave a comment)

As you can see, this is indeed rather mysterious to say the least, interpreting CBOAT is like listening to Lassie telling us that Timmy is stuck down a well. It takes some time and effort, may not be true and if it is you will be glad it was true. The color tone that's in the CBOATparagraph in the image is similar to Halo 5 guardians box art and concept art that was released by halo waypoint.

To help make things more interesting he even gave a personal journal entry which even translated makes NO sense at all.

Thanks to Wynnebeck at Neogaf.


Fnbloy anbnning nhtread thess mrning, llisy ostp abt MS. hist icty s afrd off mii. Eye hve siiin itis teru acef.

Het trehads r extnded uttersg n teh ttugers r ful fo blud n whn teh darins ifnally scb ovr, lal teh veremin wil drwn.

Teh acumultd flth off lal thair bd posts n fnbloy drvel wil fome upp abut thair waits n lal teh fnbloys n afferGs wil luk pup n showt "aveS sus!"... n eye'l luk dwn n whspr "LOL oNo.”

I might not be an expert but I took a shot at translating his talk.

Fanboy banning in thread this morning, silly post about Microsoft? This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.

The threads are extended gutters and the the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scb? over, All the vermin will drown.

The accumulated filth of all their bd? posts and fanboy drivel will foam up about their waits and all the fanboys and gaffers will look and shout "Save us!" ... and I'll look down and whisper "lol no"

I can't understand what csb or bd could mean so if you do feel free to drop a comment.

This is a pretty cryptic statement, today was also the day that Microsoft Announced Halo 5: Guardians and for the first time in the series history has directly put the Master Chief in the side lines (Yes, I know about Reach but that doesn't really count)

Even though CBOAT is failing to make ANY sense at all, his posting in the thread should mean something and that statement sort of makes him sound like a villain from one of our local movie productions.

What do you think? Keep in mind that this is all strong RUMOR, There is no way that CBOAT nor anyone can confirm nor deny (at this point) on the existence or absence of a cross over game (which would truly be a first for Microsoft)

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