‘Ruins of the Gods’ Content Update Coming to Cabal 2, More Gear and Higher Level Cap


Cabal 2, a dynamic action-oriented high-fantasy MMORPG with skill base combat, has released details on a new content update today. On October 14th, players will get new maps, a higher level cap and a plethora of new quests for the willing.

Upcoming Cabal 2 update is the most extensive and complete to date.

The Ruins of the Gods update will feature an expanded map and three new dungeons for players to battle through to earn powerful gear. Those that are level 40 and above will get to experience the Gray Canyon map expansion. Inside that expansion are three high level dungeons; Silent Snowfield, Ancient Academy and Tomb of Kain. Just be prepared and equipped to your maximum if you're going to attempt them.

The maximum level is now 45, up from 40, letting you continue to become even stronger, so that you may try out those new dungeons. With the new level cap are new class skills and lots of new powerful gear that you might find dropped in the new areas.

What is Cabal 2? An MMO that's trying to recreate the more classic moments in MMO history with skill and combo based attacks. Around 30 million people are playing from 60 different countries. You can choose between six different classes and enjoy some very massive PvP battles in large open areas.

Overall, though the update is a the developer, ESTsoft, listening to player feedback to start improving the game in ways that the players actually want. This may have been on the fringe of your MMO radar, but take a closer look, it still has the makings of something thrilling.