RPCS3 New Patches Further Improve God of War 3 Performance, The Last of Us Graphics and Gran Turismo 5 Frame Rate


New RPCS3 patches that have been made available recently improve the God of War 3 and The Last of Us emulation considerably.

The emulation improvements of these new patches are showcased by a brand new video shared on YouTube. According to the video, God of War 3 sees a considerable performance gain, while The Last of Us sees multiple graphical fixes that improve the overall experience. A new patch for Gran Turismo 5 also allows for higher frame rates.

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We're back with another patch showcase as Illusion and ZeroX have been hard at work creating patches that significantly improve visuals / performance in God of War 3 & The Last of Us! There's also a new FPS unlock patch for Gran Turismo 5.

Users can pick and chose which patches they'd like to enable e.g disable motion blur but keep bloom and Depth of Field enabled. All patches shown can be found by opening RPCS3's Patch Manager. Simply open RPCS3, click "Manage" then "Game Patches". Download the latest patches, and enable the ones you want to use for your game version/region. Stability in God of War 3 is now at a point where the game almost never crashes, and the game can indeed be finished.

However, you will require a good CPU especially if you're not using the speedboost patches to get decent performance. For AMD that means something on par with a Ryzen 3600 or higher. On Intel the requirements are lower especially if your CPU supports TSX, a i5 8400 should provide average performance though faster is always better.


RPCS3 is an excellent emulator that can run several PlayStation 3 games with higher resolution and other improvements. More information can be found on the emulator's Official Website.

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