Rosewill RB120 is an RGB AIO Liquid Cooler For AMD & Intel Systems at $40


The Rosewill RB120 is an RGB AIO cooler for both the Intel LGA and AM4 Socket.

Rosewill RB120 is a 120mm AIO liquid cooler for just $39.99.

If you are looking for a new cooler for your gaming desktop the Rosewill RB 120 might just be the perfect one for you, having a variable fan speed of 800 -1800 RPM which means that this should be able to cool your PC without any issues. The fan dimensions are 120 x 120 x 25mm which means that you have to make sure that your case has enough space for the width of both the radiator and for the fans itself, the combined width is 52mm (32mm (radiator) and 20mm(fan)).

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The tubing connecting both the radiator and the CPU block is a 400mm long-sleeved nylon tube which makes this suitable for both larger cases and smaller case builds.

This AIO cooler also comes with an RGB fan hub, which adds the space for seven additional fans, although the other fans must be RGBF-S12002 dual ring RGB case fans (which are not included), which is also for sale on Newegg for up to 20% off making the price a very affordable $19.99

The included fan hub also has supports for up to 2 LED strips, this fan hub can also sync up with your motherboard effects to make lights sync across different items being both internal (Graphics cards) and external (Keyboard, Mic, and Monitors). This RGB fan is connected through a separate remote which allows for on the fly changes to the RGB aspect of this AIO cooler, not only do the fans of the AIO cooler change but the CPU block also lights up in a specific design by Rosewill (like a flower that moves outward).

The copper base allows for better transfer of heat away from the CPU, not only is copper very good at transferring heat there are micro fins carved into the copper plate which allows for better transferring of heat and low noise.

If you are in need of a new cooler for your gaming PC, this might just be the best cooler for you with the RGB effect throughout the entire AIO cooler, and the high-speed fans reaching up to 1800 Rotations per minute.