Arkham Dev Rocksteady Moving On To Unreal Engine 4?


It would seem that Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady Studios, is moving on from Unreal Engine 3 within their games. According to a new bunch of job listings, the British developer is looking for artists and programmers with Unreal Engine 4 experience for their next AAA title.

Developer of the Batman: Arkham series 'Rocksteady'

The job postings were noted by Neogaf user Nirolak, who writes that the developer has just put up a new job listing for a senior VFX Artist, in which they ask explicitly for Unreal Engine 4 experience.


Rocksteady Studios is looking to add to its family of staff!  Reporting to the Lead VFX Artist, the Senior VFX Artist will be responsible for the design and creation of world class visual effects!

Technical Requirements

* Excellent knowledge of Max and Photoshop (An excellent knowledge of other 3D packages is also acceptable if able to transfer skillset to 3D Max)
* Excellent knowledge of any real time 3D engine (especially UE4)
* Good knowledge of Rayfire, PhysX, Apex
* Houdini and FumeFX knowledge a bonus

Looking for Unreal Engine 4 experience

As said, Rocksteady is also looking for additional engine programmers, probably as part of the transition from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4.

Senior Engine Programmer (Core Engine)

Senior Engine Programmer (Optimisation)

Senior Engine Programmer (Rendering)

Rocksteady Studios is looking to add to its family of permanent staff. We are looking for an exceptionally talented senior programmer who is ready for the challenge of producing an AAA title on the next generation platforms. This role will involve profiling and optimising low-level engine code as well as developing tools to help our art and code teams effectively profile their work.

* Experience working with games consoles (Xbox360/PS3/XBone/PS4)

* Unreal Engine 3 or 4 experience a big advantage.

Rocksteady’s last title, Arkham Knight still makes use of Unreal Engine 3 – an engine that dates from 2004. The initial release of Unreal Engine 4 dates from 2012. All of the Arkham games have been developed with the use of Unreal Engine 3. Although Rocksteady has implemented many improvements to the Unreal Engine 3, the engine’s main limitations are easy of use and graphical quality.