Rockstar’s GTA V Major Glitches allow Users to Earn $2.1 Billion and More

A mega cash glitch was unveiled in GTA's new PS4 and XBox version. This version of GTA does not allow you to earn as much as you could on the PS3 and the XBox 360, so this is the only way to get max money on all three characters the game has. The game hosts a max of $2.1 billion and that's what this simple trick earns you. This works on all characters of the game, so make sure you end the Live Invader mission and get to it because it will be fixed in a couple of the upcoming patches.

Free Property, Weapon Upgrades and Others

Just follow the following instructions:

  1.  Complete the Live Invader Mission
  2. Invest all your money on the Live Invader stock (LFI) on LCN
  3. Go to My Portofolio, then press the LFI Stock, then sell all.
    • If you can't press sell all, then that means that you're exceeding the max amount of money i.e. $2.1 billion so you'll have to do it manually

Some other minor pre-patch (Unconfirmed) cheats are also listed below:

  • Make sure you have enough money to buy a particular property. Walk up to the property and purchase it regularly and instantly pause the game. Now replay any mission you want to replay, and watch it in whole, after you're done replay the game and you'll have bought the property without having to spend any cash.
  • Buy weapons upgrades at the Ammunition and blow yourself up with a grenade. Once you respawn, the cash you had before visiting the Ammunition will be returned to you but you will keep the upgrades.
  • If u want to repair your vehicle without any cost, just park your vehicle and save the game. Reload the game through the Quick Save and your vehicle will be in prime condition. This trick can come in very handy when dealing with a customised vehicle as they cost a lot to repair.
  • In the Ocean near the north side of the map, there's a crashed plane and a small briefcase fortune in the ocean. Find it and it will be about $12000, immediately switch to another character and back to this one and when you go back, you'll find another briefcase full of money. Make yourself a small fortune by repeating this trick.
  • Completing all the gun challenges can get you discounts aswell. 10 % at bronze level, 15 % at silver level and 25 % at the gold level. Remember, these are character independent, so if you have gold level for Franklin only he will get the discount.

Remember, these are pre-patch techniques which might be fixed in the upcoming fixes (Except the very last one, that's an in-game offer), So grab them while you can and Enjoy.

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