Rock Band 4 Announced For Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Rock Band is, as the name suggests, a music video game published by Electronic Arts and MTV Games. Currently, the fourth part of the games sequel is underdevelopment by Harmonix. The game was just announced to be a future release under development and will feature all of the old peripherals used in the game. However Mad Catz, a simulation company, is working very hard at the moment to bring us new musical instruments aswell. The game has been reported to be able to import all of the previous data from previous versions of the game through the PS3 or Xbox 360 and all of the DLC will be absolutely free of cost.

The Game Will Release On the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4

The game will be featuring both, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Talking to Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos told IGN that:

“When we stopped developing Rock Band 3 [in 2010], clearly the market needed a break, But since then we’ve been paying close attention to what our community has been saying about it. There’s been this steadily growing crescendo of fans saying, ‘Hey Harmonix, what the hell? It’s time! Why haven’t you announced a new Rock Band? We’re ready for it!’”

Rock Band has, up until now, allowed upto 4 players, to play and copy the tunes  of popular songs using controllers modeled after actual musical tools. In rock Band, players will given the option to choose to be a lead guitarist, bass guitarist, a drummer or just a vocal lead if you want to be one. Scoring was based on being as similar as possible to the actual guitarist, the drummer or the singers vocals. The game also allowed online and offline multiplayer capability allowing more freedom in-game. The game originally had only 58 songs with the ability to download over 200 + songs online. We expect that "Rock Band 4" will be an upgrade the supports the downloadable content of the previous "Rock Band 3".

As reported by Gamepur, Rock Band 4 Project Manager said at GDC 2015:

"After taking some time off, it was really interesting to kind of come back and play the games that we bled and sweat over for years and years and years. Two things emerged very quickly: One was 'holy motherf***, these games are FUN!'

"At the same time we were able to be quite critical of the work that we had done and saw lots of room for improvement. And that was really important to us as well because we are all creative people and it was important for us to be able to sink our teeth into to something that was deserving of the 4 at the end of the title. We didn't just want to rehash Rock Band 3 for new consoles. We felt it was really important for us to evolve the gameplay in a way that would be interesting."

Well these are probably the ending words I wanted to say myself. Lets hope for a good addition to the series and do share in the comments what you think Harmonix should add in to help make the game a better experience.