Roborock Introduces Its Budget Q Series Vacuum-n-Mops Specifically Designed to Tackle Allergy Triggers


Roborock may have been an underdog just a couple of years ago, but the company now holds a premium position in the home cleaning market, routinely introducing products with the latest technologies. Its newest Q series is a mid-range group of products that are designed to help make life a tad easier for those with allergies.

With a starting price of just $429.99, the Roborock Q series brings features and capabilities from the company's flagship S series. From auto-emptying capabilities to increased suction power, the Roborock Q series can deal with it all without being a super expensive purchase.

Roborock Q5

Those with allergies are always bothered by dust mists, pet hair, and dander in area rugs or carpets. No matter how frequently you clean your space, it never seems to be clean enough. With the Q series, Roborock has bumped the suction power from 2700Pa to 4200Pa, which means regardless of the floor type, your robovac will manage to vacuum and clean it up perfectly.

Another important aspect that is now being offered through flagship cleaning products is the self-emptying feature. For those with allergies, being exposed to dust when emptying a vacuum's trash bin can be nothing but a nightmare. Add in a self-emptying robovac, and you can go up to 7 weeks before having to deal with this chore.

roborock q5

Roborock also advises its users to schedule more frequent automated cleaning routines to avoid any build-up of dust even when you aren't home.

Just because the Q series falls in the mid-range category doesn't mean it isn't bringing all the latest technologies right to your home. "Beginning with the Roborock Q5+ model with an auto-empty dock bundle, the entire Q-series combines proven features of Roborock's flagship S-Series, including LiDAR navigation, multi-level mapping, and customizable app controls, making automated cleaning now an affordable luxury for most homes," the company writes.

The Roborock Q Series includes the following products:

  1. Roborock Q5 for $429.99 (early bird discount of $100 is currently live)
  2. Roborock Q5+ for $699.99 (early bird discount of $100 is currently live)
  3. Roborock Q7 for $529.99
  4. Roborock Q7 Max for $599.99
  5. Roborock Q7+ for $799.99
  6. Roborock Q7 Max+ for $869.99

    Roborock Q7 Max+

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