Roborock E4 Is Now Out! Get Your Perfect Cleaning Partner at an Early Bird Discount

Roborock is today adding a new version to its affordable E series of robot vacuum cleaners. The industry-leading robvac maker has combined sweeping and mopping into its Roborock E4, doubling up on battery power and improving other features of the E series.

The Roborock E4 is designed to provide easy and effective cleaning to homeowners. Equipped with precision sensors and an internal map, this robot vacuum cleaner knows where it has been and what is left to clean. No more random bumping robots.

The E4 also moves up to 10% faster when compared to its predecessors, has 11% more suction, and twice the battery power, giving it the range to clean homes of all sizes. E4's integrated mopping eliminates the fine dirt that most vacuums miss. Users can set detailed cleaning schedules for different days and even suction levels in the companion app.

Released just in time for Mother's Day, the company is offering an early bird discount on this brand new Roborock E4 smart vacuum cleaner. Already carrying an affordable price tag of $299.99, Roborock E4 is currently available for just $242.99 over at Amazon (no coupons required).

Roborock E4

Roborock E4 - all the features of a flagship robovac now made affordable

Roborock's E series has always remained a fan-favourite for offering an affordable entry into smart home cleaning. However, with E4 the company has gone above and beyond to offer all the features that any expensive, flagship robot vacuum cleaner currently offers. From precision sensors to height climbing and carpet boosts, Roborock E4 sweep-n-mop offers an effective cleaning solution especially for homes with kids and pets.

With its anti-tangle design, E4 can easily clean pet hair and tiniest of debris with precision. Follow it up with a mopping session and your home is ready for kids and pets to play around and mess up again. Why restrict their movement when you have a smart companion ready to clean up after them at your one voice command - or a tap on the app!

Still wondering why Roborock E4 can be your perfect partner for easy and effective home cleaning? Here are some of its major highlights:

  • Precision sensors achieved through 13 sensor types
  • Internal mapping
  • Dual gyroscopes, faster movements
  • Better suction (2000Pa)
  • Integrated mopping
  • 5200mAh battery with auto-recharge
  • 640ml dustbin | 180ml water tank with two-level adjustable water flow
  • Eco-friendly washable HEPA-Type filter that can block dander and pollen and can be rinsed clean for longer life
  • Traverse the entire home with a 2cm (0.8in) climbing ability that allows it to move from room to room, and a low profile to reach beneath more furniture
  • Automatic Carpet Boost
  • Can be controlled through app and voice, as well

If you have been waiting for a smart vacuum cleaner that is both effective and efficient at what it does without costing you an arm and a leg, Roborock E4 is the perfect product. Get $57 off this affordable robovac for the next few days through Amazon. Offer lasts until May 5.

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