Last Chance to Get the Award-Winning Roborock S7, S7 MaxV, Q7, Q7+, and Other Robovacs at Discount

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November is almost ending, and with it, the year's most fabulous discounts. By this time of year, most budgets are stretched thin, with families planning holidays, gifts, and celebrations. But, thankfully, you can still check some of the most-needed items off the list with Roborock's big Cyber Monday sale that brings excellent smart vacuum cleaners at discounted prices.

Like the past several years, the cleaning tech company is running a week-long promotion on its entire lineup that enables families to buy these super helpful robot vacuum-n-mops that truly transform home cleaning, making it less chaotic. Whether you have been eyeing a product for yourself or finally doing some Christmas shopping, you can save up to $340 on Roborock products.

S7 MaxV Ultra: The One Dock to Rule It All

Not restricted by budget and need to give someone the most amazing gift? Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra makes for the most thoughtful gift for busy parents and large families. Roborock has paired a highly intelligent Roborock S7 MaxV with an Empty Wash Fill Dock that unleashes a world of convenience without compromising on cleaning. Retailing for $1,399.99, you can now get the S7 MaxV Ultra for $1,059.99 at a 24% discount on this year's most-acclaimed robovac.

Roborock's S7 and S7 MaxV series bring the latest technologies to your homes, with discounted prices now starting from just $409.99 up to $869.99.

S7 Plus: 8 weeks without emptying!

Need to deep clean before the big celebrations start? Or, maybe you are not that into the holidays but finally, have some days off to give the house a good clean. Whatever the reason may be, Roborock Dyad cordless vacuum gets into all nooks and corners, making your home look brilliantly spotless with edge-to-edge cleaning. Wet mess, dry mess, hidden mess - regardless of the type, Dyad can tackle it all with its 850ml clean tank and 620ml dirty tank.

Roborock Dyad is now available for $314.99 instead of $449.99 at a 30% discount.

roborock dyad

Full list of Roborock Cyber Monday 2022 discounts

  1. E5 Mop ($199.99, reg. $359.99)
  2. Roborock E5 ($179.99, reg. $289.99)
  3. Roborock S7 ($409.99, reg. $649.99)
  4. Roborock S7+ ($679.99, reg. $949.99)
  5. S7 MaxV ($639.99, reg. $859.99)
  6. S7 MaxV Plus ($869.99, reg. $1,159.99)
  7. S7 MaxV Ultra ($1,059.99, reg. $1,399.99)
  8. Roborock Dyad ($314.99, reg. $449.99)
  9. Roborock Q5 ($299.99, reg. $429.99)
  10. Q5+ ($479.99, reg. $699.99)
  11. Q7+ ($549.99, reg. $799.99)
  12. Q7 Max ($399.99, reg. $599.99)
  13. Q7 Max+ ($599.99, reg. $869.99)

Roborock's Big Cyber Monday 2022 Sale lasts until December 4. Read the reviews, decide on the budget, and select the most useful gift you can buy yourself or for someone you care about. Introduce them to the world of smart cleaning, and change their lives with chaos-free home cleaning!

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