Roborock Black Friday Blockbusters! The Full List of Cleaning Tech That’s Getting Massive Discounts

Abdullah Saad
roborock black friday 2022 vacuum

Black Friday 2022 is here, and it's here with a bang! We sure hope you managed to be a little frugal throughout the year and saved enough because it's time to splurge and splurge at a discount! Roborock has been a constant for us at Wccftech since our readers absolutely love how the company continues to innovate and change the cleaning game without increasing the price range. While there may be tons of other names in the smart cleaning industry now, Roborock was the first cleaning tech company that made it its goal to provide the latest tech at affordable prices.

With the Black Friday sale, the prices of the Roborock robot vacuum cleaners range start from just $179! But it does go up to $1,059 for those of us who have a thing for the absolute latest tech. It's a fine line between needs and wants when it comes to the latest tech, is it not (insert laugh-cry emoji...)?

Roborock Beauties Going on the Black Friday 2022 Sale

Here's the full list of the truly smart Roborock robot vacuum cleaners that are going on massive discounts this Black Friday. Just like in previous years, the company does not believe in rushing people to make hasty decisions fueled by the Thanksgiving meal... These discounts will remain valid for the entire week and some products up until the next week, ensuring you do your research and buy the product that will prove to be your true cleaning partner for years to come!

Product Retail PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount (%)Validity Date
Roborock S7$649.99$409.99 $240 (37%)11/24-12/4
S7+$949.98$679.99$270 (28%)11/24-12/4
S7 MaxV $859.99$639.99$220 (26%)11/20-12/4
S7 MaxV Plus$1,159.99$869.99$290 (25%)11/20-12/4
S7 MaxV Ultra$1,399.99$1,059.99$340 (24%)11/24-12/4
E5 Mop$359.99$199.99$160 (44%)11/24-12/4
Roborock E5$289.99$179.99$110 (38%)11/24-12/4
Roborock Q5$429.99$299.99$130 (30%)11/20-12/4
Q5+$699.99$479.99$220 (31%)11/20-12/4
Q7+$799.99$549.99$250 (31%)11/20-12/4
Q7 Max$599.99$399.99$200 (33%)11/20-12/4
Q7 Max+$869.99$599.99$270 (31%)11/20-12/4
Dyad$449.99$314.99$135 (30%)11/20-12/4

Hmmm... So many products, what to buy?

While having a wide variety of products on discount feels great, it also makes things a little confusing. One model may be getting over a $300 discount, but why not just buy something that costs less than $200? Do you make the decision based on how big a discount is or its retail value? Also, why does Roborock make so many different variants?

The answer lies in knowing your own requirements. Mindful consumption, as they call it. Know what your home/office cleaning needs are and choose a product accordingly. We will try to make things a little easier for you and help you get a very quick look at which models fit what kind of home or a small office. You can then take a look at their spec sheets and reviews to make your decision.

Roborock S7

Let's start with the truly budget category with the Roborock E5 (sweep only) and E5 Mop. Priced at just $179.99 and $199.99, respectively, these two products make for great gifts without breaking the budget and also make for good products for additional floors, so you don't have to move your robovacs around.

E5 Mop

Roborock Q5 is the vacuum-only option that comes with PreciSense Precision LiDAR, 3D mapping, 2700Pa suction power, and a 5200mAh battery. Retailing for $429.99, this model is getting a 30% discount, now available for just $299.99 during the Black Friday week. It also pairs with the auto-empty dock (aka the Q5+), which you can buy for a total of $479.99 (instead of $699.99).

The Q7 and Q7 Max series get a specs upgrade, which is also reflected in the price. With Q7+ sweep-n-mop, you get a massive 750ml dustbin capacity that is ideal for longer cleans or messier homes. The Q7 Max gets an electric water tank, 4200Pa suction, and 350ml water tank. The Q7 Max+ is essentially the Q7 Max but with the Auto Dust Emptying dock.

  • Q7+ ($549.99, retail $799.99
  • Q7 Max ($399.99, retail $599.99)
  • Q7 Max+ ($599.99, retail $869.99)

Now comes the real deal - Roborock's S7 series

This is the crown jewel of this lineup. The series that brought Roborock global recognition in smart cleaning tech, an industry that was heavily monopolized by a couple of companies selling extremely overpriced products. The success story may have started with S5 and S5 Max, but the S7 series has received a major specs upgrade, innovating how robot vacuum cleaners become a seamless part of every home.

The series currently includes the following products:

  1. Roborock S7 ($409.99, reg. $649.99)
  2. Roborock S7+ ($679.99, reg. $949.99)
  3. S7 MaxV ($639.99, retail $859.99)
  4. S7 MaxV Plus ($869.99, retail $1,159.99)
  5. S7 MaxV Ultra ($1,059.99, retail $1,399.99)

Roborock S7 comes with all the latest tech, including high-speed sonic mopping, automatic mop lifting, ultrasonic carpet sensing, an electric water tank, and more. S7+ adds an Auto Dust Emptying dock to the robot enabling you to be less involved with the dustbin emptying process.

S7 MaxV Plus

S7 MaxV, along with everything else that S7 has, adds ReactiveAI Obstacle Avoidance to the mix, making it a game changer since you no longer need to do a pre-cleanup before the actual cleanup. Cords? Forget them! S7 MaxV will spot and avoid! S7 MaxV also comes with 5100Pa suction, which is twice as much as you'd usually see, making it an absolute beast.

With S7 MaxV Plus, you get the MaxV robot with an added Auto Dust Emptying dock. But here's where things truly get 2022! Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra not only adds the auto emptying dock (uh, basic much!) but also adds Auto Tank Refilling AND Auto Mop Washing. Talk about futuristic cleaning! Yeah, maybe we overdid with the exclamation marks, but you'll see what we are talking about when you get the Ultra in your life.

S7 MaxV Ultra

Don't believe us? Read the user reviews that can't stop gushing over the latest S7 and S7 MaxV series. On a budget? E5 will be just enough? Don't really get that excited about new tech and just want something that gets the job done? S5 Max will be your best bud. Oh, and lest we forget, the Roborock Dyad stick vacuum (wet and dry cleaning) is also getting a discount, now available for $314.99, valid until December 4. Dyad will be useful for those home, car, and furniture deep cleaning sessions.

Have fun holidaying with your family, and let Roborock take care of the mess!

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