Robert Bowling among buyers of Battlefield 3


Robert Bowling aka FourZeroTwo on Twitter is part of the team working on Modern Warfare 3, while the two companies are competing head to head for multiplayer supremacy Robert Bowling has admitted that he won't let company loyalty stop him from enjoying what he is calling a good game. I wish many other gamers would adopt this attitude and stop these silly fan boy wars happening because of the mention of a game which is meant for the enjoyment of people not for "my game is better than yours" deals. Hats off to you Robert!

People think that certain objects can never get along, cats and dogs, Diet Coke and Regular Coke, PS3 and XBOX 360 and more recently Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, fans are showing their support for their favorite game in their own way, some choose to accept that both games are equal if not great but others argue that Modern Warfare 3 will wipe the floor with Battlefield 3 and Vice Versa. Robert Bowling has stood up as a prime example that we are no longer in a police state where we must choose, we are in fact free to buy if not enjoy both games equally.

Bowling has said

"I'm very aware that we have two very different audiences and we're delivering two very good and very different experiences, so I think the baiting is built up more of these two really passionate communities – and they should be really passionate about their individual games – getting at each other, and that's been happening forever,"

Now if only other gamers can mature like Bowling, if he can support his competitor I am sure we can all follow the same example. So let's put down our pitchforks and torches and each enjoy our respective games like we have done every year now. I for one am buying both now for the PS3 and am hoping each game turns out the way I was expecting for it.