Rising Tide, Civilization: Beyond Earth’s First Expansion Takes to the High Seas


Support for Civilization: Beyond Earth is continuing with the announcement of Rising Tide, the very first expansion pack that should add new factions, biomes and a host of new diplomatic options.

Rising Tide is the first expansion to be released for Civilization: Beyond Earth, adding a lot of new content for $30.

Rising Tide introduces the player to the ocean, letting you explore and colonize the ocean floor. The central theme will be maritime focused with an emphasis on naval combat. And of course, with new territory comes unique new challenges with sea creatures and an all new alien artifact system, so you can expect to see some fresh new ideas with the maritime gameplay.

Diplomacy was one of the more problematic areas of the original Civilization: Beyond Earth. AI leaders all had a certain generic quality to them that was not in line with previous installments. Complaints have been heard and that will be fixed in this expansion. We can expect truly unique leaders that actually seem interested in their own civilizations. That and interaction with other civilizations positively will actually be able to unlock different and better diplomacy options. So they are finally fixing the one flaw that made it almost unbearable compared to Civilization V.

Rising Tide, then, is not really just a typical DLC, but is a return to the expansion pack style we’ve enjoyed so many years ago. Instead of a few cosmetic and gameplay change, Rising Tide presents enough unique elements to make it more than the sum of its parts. Essentially, Rising Tide is a whole new game merely based off of the context of its base game.And hopefully it’ll add just the right amount of excitement to get people to try out Civilization: Beyond Earth and move on from the previous installments.