The Ring by Logbar That Gives You ‘Jedi like’ Powers

Ahmed Bilal

Have you ever been so lazy that you tried turning the volume up just by waving your hands or tried turning the light on by flicking your wrist? Or the other millions of things you wish you could do if you had Jedi like powers (or you are just lazy like me). Logbar has just the answer for you and it's called The Ring (has no connection whatsoever to the movie, that still gives me nightmares).

Turn your finger into a magic wand

At the international Consumer Electriconis Show 2015, Logbar which is a Japanese company touted about its new product shaped as a Ring that you can wear in your index finger. This Ring is like a little chunky ring which contains electronic sensors in order to control devices that it intends to. This Ring allows you to perform gesticulations by which you can control the devices around you. The demonstration clearly showed how the app was programmed by the newscaster in order to identify a stated gesture programmed. Once he did the gesture and the app identified it correctly, the app turned on a connected speaker. This way, he showed that the volume of the speaker can also be changed in a two way direction i.e. high and low. Later he also showed by programming the app to distinguish a specific gesture in order to turn itself on and off and to animate a connected light. It also helps to input text just by drawing letters in the air. It also transmits alerts from connected devices. This is done through onboard LED and a built in vibration motor.


The ring with which you can shortcut everything @Credit URL

Sensors in the ring can detect almost every movement by the finger according to the company that hypes about its creation. However the gadget works with preprogrammed and settled gestures for commonly used controls. This can be configured by using a companion app. This Ring can also pair with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, although compatibility is required. This can also connect to Wi-Fi or IR, a device that passes the commands from the Ring to the other device.  You can also turn the lights or music on or snap a photograph with the help of this Ring. The Ring is now available for $270 which lets you control games, lights, turn the music on on your iPhone or any cell phone or tablets. The touch sensor also allows you to use your thumb for selection of things. Alert system is also embedded in this Ring so that it can alert you in times of alarming situations. Let's hope this is a solution to the world's laziness.


The Ring from logbar

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