RiftStar Raiders Trailer is Bringing Sweet Top-Down Space Action

Jorge Jimenez
RiftStar Raiders

It's a space pirate life for me. Climax Studios just unveiled their new co-op space shoot 'em up, RiftStar Raiders coming later this year on PC and consoles.

RiftStar Raiders is a top-down shooter with nine co-op missions against four of the galaxy's dangerous factions. It takes place in the Spiral Arm galaxy that is currently under threat of the WarSwarm, an AI hive mind. You'll work as a team in order to take on the ever-increasing challenges of space. Even though you've got a team, all loot is up for grabs regardless of who makes the kill which should make for some rather awkward conversations.

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Be ready to face off against deadly pirate gangs and use that sweet loot to upgrade your spaceship. Below are a few more details about RiftStar Raiders:

  • It’s all about the loot - Shooting and looting is core to craft and equip weapons, shields and boost engines to hit harder, move faster and play smarter
  • Raid as a team - Teamwork is the key to success in this online co-op experience for up to four players. Co-operate with friends to complete objectives but compete to be the first to grab the loot
  • Intense empowering combat - Players can utilize a huge range of gear and weapons to get the upper hand on their opponents in this fast-paced combat experience. Fight through waves of enemy unit types, each with their own unique challenge
  • Progression every session - Raider spacecraft will evolve and improve with every mission. By collecting perks and loot pilots can customize their ship to face each new challenge. With a wide variety of possible combinations, no two runs will play out the same

Expect to see RiftStar Raiders on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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