[How To] Get rid of the Yellowish color tone on your 2.3.3 Nexus S


When Google updated their premier phone to the latest build of Android a.k.a 2.3.3 many people were in for a rude shock when they found out their screen color had a strong yellowish tinge. Google had basically made the color tone warmer and whatever reason they gave,it just ruined the experience of the awesome SAMOLED. Worry not though! With a few steps you can get rid of  this and go back to the much cooler color tone of Android 2.3.2.

What you will need for this to work:

  • Rooted Nexus S
  • Kernel supporting voodoo sounds and color
  • Voodoo Control App from marketplace

Run the voodoo control app and make the following adjustments:

Range Set to:
Red = -26
Green = -30
Blue = -33

Color Multipliers:
Red = 353834880
green = 3374617280
blue = 3568913600

There are loads of kernels that employ the voodoo sounds and color settings but I found the Jame Bond kernel to be the best amongst all. You can get it from here