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UTEN Mini: Portable Projector for Handy Entertainment



Uten Portable Home Theater Rechargeable Projector

Type Mini Projector
Price $268

Technology has remarkably brought the world into our hands. Right from transforming those bulky phones into thinnest and even foldable smartphones to slimmer than ever TV sets. The advancement has touched every segment of consumer products including projectors. Gone are the days when projectors needed to be carried separately, we now have mini projectors that can easily slide into your pocket and do not need any external power source to keep them running.

We got the opportunity to review Uten Portable Home Theater Rechargeable Projector. It is a mini projector that is claimed to support 1080p resolution and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet, and Laptop, iPad. Priced at $268.00, this mini projector lets you carry big screen entertainment in your pocket. All you need is a white sheet or a wall to enjoy videos on it. It also includes a mini stand that makes it hassle-free to set up and watch videos without worrying about the placement. It comes integrated with a 4400mAh battery that can offer up to 150 minutes of continuous backup. Here’s our complete review of this mini piece of big-screen entertainment.

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Display, Design, Support, and Connectivity

The Uten Portable Home Theater Rechargeable Projector comes with 45°Off-Axis Ray technology that is touted to help it in projecting 1080P HD video and 100 ANSI Lumens brightness. We tested the projector and found that as per its description, it projects satisfactory video quality (not exactly 1080p but quite near) and it has a dedicated focus button on the right that helps in adjusting the clarity of the video. It runs Android 4.2 (quite dated, right?) with all the options that you get on your smartphone. The best part is that you can connect it to your WiFi and stream videos via pre-loaded Netflix and YouTube apps, and also on Cast and AirPlay. During our review period, we did not notice any glitch while playing videos via Netflix and YouTube on the projector. Thanks to the Play Store, in fact, you can use your projector to tap directly from your NAS or another network disk.

The portable unit comes with a built-in speaker; however, it is not powerful enough to give you an excellent sound output. But there is nothing to worry about as it also includes support for AUX port and Bluetooth. To improve the sound quality of the device (since the internal speaker is not the best), you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker or a sound-bar, giving you a truly fantastic viewing experience and close to the concept of private cinema which was spoken at the beginning.

It also has a USB port and card slot that allows users to insert a USB drive or memory card (support for up to 32GB) and play stored data on it. Alongside, it also features HDMI port so that you can connect streaming devices such as Fire TV stick or Chromecast.

Obviously, Wireless connectivity allows you to access the apps and content of popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Infinity and Sky, allowing you to enjoy movies, TV series and live events at any time in complete autonomy and without the need external media. On the rear of the device, there is an input for AC adapter, which will recharge the internal 4200mAh battery. The projector can operate independently for up to 150 minutes, but without the adapter plugged in, the unit cannot connect to external disks, because the system would not be able to power them. Another advantage of carrying around this mini entertainment device is that it can also work as a power bank for your other devices such as smartphone or tablet.

UTEN Mini: Portable Projector for Handy Entertainment

Inside the package, in addition to the projector and adapter, you will also find a tripod to keep the device lifted from the floor. It also includes a USB charging cable (to be used with an external power bank) and a remote control thanks to which you can access the interface and have full control over projected contents. Besides, Bluetooth support on the device can further be used to connect peripherals such as keyboard or mouse to offer more control over the interface. The Android 4.2 adds some limitations on the available apps compared to their current versions, but we can assure you that during our trial we did not miss much.

In addition to the Play Store (and here we will shortly open a parenthesis), we also found a “click store”, which is a sort of parallel market place where you can find many apps compatible with the mini projector. Needless to say, all the most popular add-ons work without problems, giving you access to streaming and IPTV services of any kind. We have already found the Netflix app available, and we have installed Amazon Video without problems. Users can also access other content through a standard Type C-HDMI cable or through the Wi-Fi Display app that in a few steps allows your smartphone to project desktops and apps directly from the device.

The Uten accepts input video signals up to 1080p, but the output view will be downscaled to 854x480. It must be noted that if you can remedy the audio with external devices, you can do very little for the video. The lumens available to the user are just a little bit and therefore even the slightest source of external light could ruin your vision. If a mid-range projector model supports at least 3000 lumens, our small Uten must be content with only 100 lumens. A comparison that might seem pitiless (and, in fact, it is) but that simply translates into the need to have an environment away from external light sources to enjoy maximum performance.

What it lacks in power, Uten mini projector recovers it in flexibility and portability as it requires a minimum of 80 centimetres to render a projection area of ​​over 30 inches, up to a maximum of 120 inches when kept three meters away. Obviously, you will get used to the setup once you start using it. The focus is manual, and you will have to go to work directly from a wheel placed next to the frame, objectively inconvenient because it will often make you go slightly off-axis the inclination of the projector mounted on the tripod.

Even in the workplace, the Uten mini projector can be an excellent tool, thanks to its high portability and internal battery.

Overall, we can say that the Uten mini projector could be a new addition to your entertainment section of devices. It is not as costly as mid-range projectors and the portability factor makes it easier to carry around without looking for a power source.

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The Uten Mini Projector is high on the portability and pricing factor, which makes up for the shortcomings in some of the other departments. A perfect fit for those who like watching videos on projector and do not want to get a mid-range bulky projector.

Design & Aesthetics8


  • Portability
  • Pricing
  • Support for AUX, USB, HDMI, and more
  • WiFi and Bluetooth


  • Dated Android interface
  • 100 Lumens support
  • Not exactly 1080p resolution
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