Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra Review – Surprisingly Strong and Creatively Customisable

Feb 3, 2020


Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra

29th October, 2019
Type Mouse
Price £75/€80

Getting the right mouse for you can be an ordeal. That has never been truer as advancements have been made across the board, from the simple fact that some are designed for those with sweaty palms, to ones designed for either the small or large handed amongst us. Then you bring in base DPI, software that comes with mice and even more. It's a regular mousetrap. Here, the Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra is looking to entice with a good build but with an extra level of personalisation and customisation.


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• 16000 DPI Optical Sensor
• Weight System
• 50G Acceleration
• Full RGB Customizable Lighting with 16.8 million Colors
• 5 Programmable Buttons with Full Customizable Software
• Rubberized Grips

I've got large hands, that's always been the case and unlikely to change. Other people have really tiny hands. There will always be issues with any mouse and the comfort of it. The Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra has comfortable ledges on the sides to rest your thumb and, should you prefer, little finger on. I've found myself resting my thumb more than anything and that has certainly been useful during long sessions on my computer, gaming or otherwise.

What also works are the customisation options made available. To improve the actual feel of the mouse is a set of customisable weights that come to a total of 12 grams. While this doesn't seem like a large weight when reading about it, the feel is more than noticeable. It creates a genuine feel of weight no matter the surface you use, giving just enough that you don't throw the mouse across the table, also working with the grips. Thanks to the other options and the simple fact that most people don't often throw mice around, you'll not see that happening much.

Particularly so thanks to the general build of the mouse. It's large, as you may have gathered by my earlier talk of having large hands, but with this size and the earlier mentioned weights, it genuinely feels sturdy and well built. The matt black plastic looks and feels strong and sturdy, it doesn't leave fingerprints even with sweaty fingers and thanks to the rubberised grips on the sides, it's comfortable on the hands.

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Further to this, the rest of the mouse is well-built. The mouse has a braided cable that is resistant to getting caught, fraying and those irritating bends and loops that can occur. In addition to the cable, the buttons on the mouse are very responsive and feel tactile while giving a slight click. Everything about the mouse feels build and designed for those after a well-designed, sturdy and responsive mouse.

So what are the other features that justify a £75/€80 price tag? The Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra has a button that toggles between the available seven-stage DPI settings, each of which can be set from 1 to 16,000 DPI using the downloadable software. Furthermore, the software also enables customisable RGB options of up to 16.8 million colours and with every button on the mouse, five of them in total, being fully customisable.

Adding to this customisation is what Snakebyte are hoping is the unique selling point of the mouse, personalised branding, highlighted by a replaceable cover. One of these has the Snakebyte logo, the other has your very own. Highlighting this is the RGB, showing your logo in whichever colours you choose. It also runs all across the edge of the mouse and along the sides of the mouse wheel.

With the wide range of DPI settings and general quality of it, the mouse never fails to be responsive or accurate, with it always being on-point as you would expect from a £75/€80 mouse. For that matter, the quality of everything within the mouse seems designed to meet that valuation. From the inclusion of RGB, the customisation options within the changeable weights and the general build of the mouse, right through to the braided cable.

This isn't to say that the Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra isn't without any issues. First and foremost is the price, which doesn't seem to sit well with their brand. While Snakebyte is a respected brand in Germany and other close EU countries, their reach and brand recognition outside certainly makes paying the premium a hard ask for those who aren't aware of their reach or quality. This is especially true when the majority of Snakebyte items seen in the UK and US are the cheaper, budget, products. The other issues is a simple one, it doesn't seem to be available outside of Europe - unless I'm missing something and my searching is giving me the wrong information.

All things considered, I can't help but be more than a little surprised by the Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra. From a brand that isn't all that recognisable as a premium brand outside of central Europe, something that could certainly be remedied if more products like the Game:Mouse Ultra are released. If anything could be the one to tempt people into the Snakebyte premium range of products, this should be it. At the moment, you can find it on the official Snakebyte website.

Provided by Snakebyte for review purposes.


The Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra is a highly customisable mouse, featuring a personalised plate for your own logo, interchangeable weights and extensive RGB support on a sturdy, sizable but altogether good product with a decent bit of software behind it. The large downfall is the price point, being quite large for what is essentially an untested 'premium' brand outside of a select few countries. However, if anything could convince somebody, this would be it.

Design & Aesthetics9


  • Looks and feels great
  • Excellent levels of customisation, including removable weights and a personalised logo
  • Decent software allowing good levels of customisation in DPI, RGB and programmable buttons


  • No onboard options and profile switching - requires the software
  • Quite high price-point
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